Firstcheck gives you quick and easy access to local skin specialists.

With a few simple steps you can have that mole, rash or skin concern that’s been worrying you, checked out from the comfort of home!

Firstcheck enables you to create skin health records for you and your family, wherever you are in the country, and to track changes over time.

Our vision is to harness the power of technology and put it in your hands to improve health outcomes for all.

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The Firstcheck Story

The idea behind Firstcheck came when Firstcheck’s co-founder, Hayden Laird’s grandfather was diagnosed with melanoma. Following a visit to MoleMap, Hayden realised the power of skin specialists to diagnose skin conditions and cancers through photographs.

Australia and New Zealand have the highest rates of melanoma in the world. Studies show that up to 70% of melanomas are first noticed by either the person themselves or a family member – and that simple educational material can improve the likelihood that suspicious lesions are detected by the person.

So, isn’t it obvious?

It screamed out to us that if 70% of melanoma is already being noticed in the home, why not empower people with tools in the home to take action? Is that not the biggest opportunity to help detect skin cancer early?

Let’s arm the ‘first line of defence’ with the tools and technology to act. Let’s empower people with the tools to get suspicious lesions checked easily. Let’s make the tools available in the home so that we can get suspicious lesions checked in a timely manner.

In wanting to improve access to skin specialists, Firstcheck set about putting the tools into everybody’s hands so that skin concerns can be checked by skin specialists conveniently and cost-effectively. Now smartphone virtual doctor consultations are now possible using the Firstcheck Skin app and Firstcheck SkinScope™.

We’re proud to be helping to keep this preventable disease in check!

Our Board of Directors

Our board consists of

  • David Taylor – an independent director and former Chair of Marlborough Public Health Organisation (PHO);
  • Kevin Sheehy – a former GP with broad expertise in health delivery/policy, bringing new technologies to the market and enhancing health care delivery; and
  • Cathy Clennett – with international experience in commercialising new technologies and significant technology portfolio management experience.

At Firstcheck we strongly believe that the best healthcare innovations involve health practitioners from the very beginning. The team is extremely grateful for the generous support of:

What others are saying about Firstcheck:

Firstcheck is a promising tool for timely review of lesions and for creating your own health records for tracking change. “It is promising to see the power of technology advancing to promote early detection of melanoma.”

Linda Flay

Former CEO, Melanoma New Zealand

This app allowed me to get a concerning spot on hubby’s back in front of a specialist in just a couple of clicks… after months of failing to get hubby to do something about it.
Thankfully we did, as it was skin cancer which has now been surgically removed.

The app works, thank you.

Rozanne De Wild

I took a couple of photos using my phone, and paid the $19.95. When the report came back from the dermatologist, he was concerned the mole was highly suspicious. Right away we got Leah booked in to get it seen to and the mole was subsequently removed. It was identified as a Stage 2-3 Melanoma which concerned us to no end. Everything races through your mind and with two young children it hits hard. 6 weeks later after consultant visits and a sentinel node biopsy the results came back clear – to much relief. We feel like we’ve dodged a bullet as we caught it early enough.

I think without this app we would have potentially ignored or put off the initial check-up. My view is that Firstcheck saved our family from a diagnosis that could have been much worse.

Aaron Mishkin and Leah Smith

Firstcheck has extraordinary potential to empower individuals to manage their health and the partnerships with clinicians makes it a solution that people can trust.

NZ Innovation Council judges’ feedback

Love this app. Not just an app but links through to professionals who can diagnose whether moles may look a bit dodgy.


I was concerned about a spot and used the app. I made quick appointment with my doctor after the response via the app indicated a possible skin cancer. Tests revealed basal cell carcinoma and it was able to be successfully removed.

The Firstcheck app was obviously useful for me – and great for pre-diagnosis.

Take care of your skin folks! The Firstcheck app is great – I highly recommend it! And I’d also recommend yearly check-ups from a dermatologist, and GP visits on top of that (when practical).

David Criniti

Firstcheck gave me peace of mind on something I was worried about. Yay!

Amy Wellington