Firstcheck gives you quick and easy access to experts’ opinions on skin lesions (moles and spots) from just $19.95.

With a few simple steps you can have that mole or spot or skin concern checked out from the comfort of home!

Check out our video below to find out what it’s all about. There’s also more information over on the How it Works page.

You can use our web app without having to download anything. Just click the webapp button below. Or you can download the app for iPhone or Android below for free.

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What others are saying about Firstcheck:

Firstcheck is a promising tool for timely review of lesions and for creating your own health records for tracking change. “It is promising to see the power of technology advancing to promote early detection of melanoma.”

Linda Flay

Former CEO, Melanoma New Zealand

This app allowed me to get a concerning spot on hubby’s back in front of a specialist in just a couple of clicks… after months of failing to get hubby to do something about it.
Thankfully we did, as it was skin cancer which has now been surgically removed.

The app works, thank you.

Rozanne De Wild

I took a couple of photos using my phone, and paid the $19.95. When the report came back from the dermatologist, he was concerned the mole was highly suspicious. Right away we got Leah booked in to get it seen to and the mole was subsequently removed. It was identified as a Stage 2-3 Melanoma which concerned us to no end. Everything races through your mind and with two young children it hits hard. 6 weeks later after consultant visits and a sentinel node biopsy the results came back clear – to much relief. We feel like we’ve dodged a bullet as we caught it early enough.

I think without this app we would have potentially ignored or put off the initial check-up. My view is that Firstcheck saved our family from a diagnosis that could have been much worse.

Aaron Mishkin and Leah Smith

I had a skin cancer expert on [the show] last year and he suggested that you get naked with your partner and check each other over. So now I guess you get naked with the app and take pictures of anything that’s suspicions and send it off. I love it!

Download it, I’ve done it – it’s easy. So get that [Firstcheck] app, brilliant.

Wendyl Nissen

The Long Lunch, RadioLive

Firstcheck makes it easier than ever to check your spots & moles, as well as keeping a record of them to track changes. ️You can also buy the skin magnifier attachment specialists use (Firstcheck SkinScope) You can also send your photo off to a local skin cancer specialist for a digital consultation directly via Smartphone

#noexcuses #checkyourskin



How many of you check your skin for spots and moles? …I encourage everyone to do a skin check on yourself and loved ones, and if in doubt, get those spots checked out! Skin cancer is extremely prevalent in NZ.️ I see it every day at work, hours of surgery, dedicated to removing all sorts of skin cancer from various different patients…. There are NO excuses not to check your skin with the convenience and affordability of Firstcheck.

Kate Mickelson


Probably best invention ever. So quick and easy, and gives you peace of mind. Never been easier to get a doctor’s opinion.

Jamie Reilly


When you discover a LIFESAVING App & have to share! I have a family history of members with skin cancer & have experienced firsthand the stress & worry when a family member discovers & abnormal spot or mole! So when I heard that Firstcheck is an affordable app that allows you to have your spot or mole checked by a local skin cancer specialist without leaving the comfort of your home I was encouraged to check my own skin…

Ali Cavill


I called a couple of other dermatologists and they needed referrals and there was all this rigmarole, and huge fees… [So] I used the Firstcheck app. It was actually a really good experience and the app was really good. We didn’t have to wait – like some other places I called had a two month waiting periods. [Dr David Izon] got me in this week. Dr Izon, who we saw was absolutely fantastic. Hudson was super nervous and acting shy. Dr Izon made the experience fun and I highly recommend him.



Firstcheck has extraordinary potential to empower individuals to manage their health and the partnerships with clinicians makes it a solution that people can trust.

NZ Innovation Council judges’ feedback

Love this app. Not just an app but links through to professionals who can diagnose whether moles may look a bit dodgy.


I was concerned about a spot and used the app. I made quick appointment with my doctor after the response via the app indicated a possible skin cancer. Tests revealed basal cell carcinoma and it was able to be successfully removed.

The Firstcheck app was obviously useful for me – and great for pre-diagnosis.

Take care of your skin folks! The Firstcheck app is great – I highly recommend it! And I’d also recommend yearly check-ups from a dermatologist, and GP visits on top of that (when practical).

David Criniti

Firstcheck gave me peace of mind on something I was worried about. Yay!

Amy Wellington

Nearly 250 New Zealanders are diagnosed with skin cancer every day! That’s a scary number, and personally not one I want to be a part of; nor my children… I know it’s easy to say “yeah yeah I’ll do it later”, but we all know later never comes. [Firstcheck] is available at your fingertips and you can do it RIGHT NOW. Do not wait until it’s too late

Maria Foy

Happy Mum, Happy Child

Finding time to check your moles is something we often put off and don’t make time for, but it’s so important we get them checked, especially with our hot kiwi summers. The Firstcheck app lets you easily get your moles checked from the comfort of your own home. In between the kids’ soccer, homework, housework and life, it can get busy – well now all you need to do is download the free app, take a couple of photos of your mole and you can send it off to a skin specialist who analyses it! The result comes back quickly so you can put your mind at rest or follow up ASAP.



So lucky now to have access to [the] Firstcheck app which is FREE and you can use it for mole mapping & tracking. And then it’s an affordable $19.95 to have a mole checked by a skin specialist – super convenient…

Alexandra Pole


Firstcheck can actually help save your life! Keep an eye on your own skin, and if you spot anything new or changing, you can get it checked by a real doctor via your phone. The app is FREE to download, easy use, is super convenient and most importantly the photos you take of your moles are sent straight to a local specialist! So no more excuses for not getting them checked

Erin Higgins


I want to encourage everyone to download a free app called Firstcheck… So affordable and easy and gives you peace of mind. I had a scare last year and now I am very particular about making sure we all keep a track of what is going on.



“I have a confession to make – I’ve always been a sun worshipper but I’ve never had my moles checked… It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for years, but I never have the time. So this app from Firstcheck is exactly what I need! The Firstcheck app offers a quick, convenient and low cost solution done from the comfort of your own home.”

Sarah Lee


My Dad died at 56 from melanoma, so checking my skin and the skin of my wee family is super important to me. That huge mole on E’s neck has always been a reminder to lookout for new or changing spots. The Firstcheck app Dave’s using is easy, convenient and affordable. Free to download, it only costs $19.95 to have a skin cancer specialist – a REAL doctor – check your spot.
Do it guys because #earlydetectionsaveslives

Melissa Jack