Did you know that doctors can identify skin cancer from photos of the skin?

Now, using your smartphone, you can upload photos of your moles and spots directly to a local skin cancer expert doctor for review.

Reliable, expert, convenient, and cost-effective medical advice is now at your fingertips. From just $16.95 – or at no cost (bulk-billed) in Australia.

No appointments. No waiting lists. No need to leave home. And now – no excuses not to get it checked!

Enhanced images: dyplens™ for smart skin imaging

dyplens Skin Scope by firstcheck

Your personal smart skin imaging device. The dyplens is a specialised skin imaging lens enabling you to take highly-magnified skin photos through your smartphone to send to your chosen doctor. Capture micro and subsurface detail.

Every home medicine cabinet & first aid kit should have one! Just $29.95

How does it work?

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What doctors are saying about Firstcheck

“Firstcheck puts a tool in the hands of the public that gives them rapid access to a skin cancer specialist.”

Dr Mark Foley

The Skin Clinic