A first in affordable and widely-accessible mobile teledermatology solutions

Firstcheck is a teledermatology platform facilitating referrals direct from consumers and health professionals
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A skin cancer-specific telehealth solution, providing telehealth revenues where servicing patients remotely and connecting patients with skin cancer doctors to facilitate early detection and timely reviews of lesions

This material on this page is primarily intended for dermatologists, skin cancer doctors and dermoscopists. The notes are designed for health professionals to use, so if you are a patient you may find the language more technical than on the rest of the website. If you are a patient and you came to this page in error, you can just click here to return to the home page. If you are another health practitioner or health provider looking to send referrals via the Firstcheck App, please refer to our Medical page or contact us for information relevant to you.

Reviewing skin specialists and skin cancer doctors receive photos (including dermoscopic photos) and supporting patient information in line with teledermatology referrals. Firstcheck’s smartphone-compatible dermatoscope – the Firstcheck dyplens™ – is a first in affordable dermoscopy, costing just $29.95 delivered to your door, including GST (with wholesale rates and volume discounts available). See dermoscopic images captured using Firstcheck’s dermoscope here:

Firstcheck’s software is compatible with any smartphone-compatible dermoscope. Firstcheck is a cutting-edge teledermatology platform enabling:

  • patients to connect with skin specialists remotely (e.g. for a single lesion check, patient monitoring or patient follow-up)
  • health professionals to send efficient and streamlined patient referrals (e.g. other GPs, nurses, pharmacies)
  • you to prioritise and triage patients
  • collegial support (e.g. second opinions) between clinicians

Benefits to you

Increasing awareness

Increasing awareness amongst the wider public of the importance of skin checks and dermoscopy.

Increasing accessibility

Making teledermatology more accessible to all, empowering the majority of the population who are not currently getting skin checks, to get suspicious lesions seen by a doctor.

Increasing practice reach

A complementary service for, and natural extension of, your existing practice.

Increasing revenue and profitability

Helping develop more efficient and effective practices, and enhancing patient and practice outcomes.

Firstcheck can help you:

  • market to, connect with and attract patients in your area, and grow your customer base and practice
  • review patients remotely and connect with more patients for treatment and in-person appointments
  • increase your referral networks with an efficient and convenient referral tool
  • prioritise and triage patients, setting appointments with prior knowledge of patients’ presenting conditions
  • improve customer service and loyalty – helping you remain “connected” in between annual check-ups for monitoring and follow-up
  • move with the times with a cutting-edge, digital presence
  • position yourself against online and offshore offerings (like computer algorithm services) – and protect patients against unscrupulous skin apps
  • reduce your compliance risks with an all-in-one, secure and encrypted cloud platform (avoid sending and receiving patients’ emails)
  • increase early detection rates
  • increase your work satisfaction

Efficient, effective practices with enhanced outcomes

We want to help you develop even more efficient and effective practices leading to enhanced patient outcomes. Benefit from:

  • zero set-up fees
  • no subscription costs
  • being paid to review cases
  • increased practice profitability
  • free additional marketing and an enhanced online presence
  • selling (and making a margin on) the Firstcheck dyplens™ (smartphone dermoscope)

We’re here to help you offer a complementary service to connect with more patients and to increase your referral networks. Be part of the team using telemedicine to achieve more in the fight against skin cancer. Firstcheck – empowering you to make even more of a difference.

I wish all my referrals came with such good information.

I want my patients to use this in-between appointments for follow-up and monitoring.

This is an effective way to complement in-person appointments.

Logged into the portal. Really slick and nice to use. Nice dermoscopy image, too.

Be up and running in just minutes!

  • For triage, diagnosis or management plan remote support (full or intermediate teledermatology)

  • For use with patients introduced to you by Firstcheck, your existing patients + clinicians

  • No set-up or ongoing costs + be paid to review cases

  • Connecting more patients with skin cancer doctors

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