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We're always thinking of new ways to protect every aspect of this Australian life and helping Australians understand skin safety is one of them. Skin cancer is one of Australia’s most common cancers, with about 2 in 3 Australians diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70^.
TAL is partnering with Firstcheck as part of our commitment to supporting more Australians detect and prevent skin cancer.

What is Firstcheck?

Did you know that doctors can identify skin cancer from photos of the skin? Now you can send photos of your skin spots and moles directly to a skin cancer doctor for review. It’s an easy, convenient and affordable way to get your suspect spots checked. Know if that spot is ‘dodgy or not’ and get any suspicious skin spots checked today. A doctor is now just a click away!
The Firstcheck SkinScope makes online skin checks more accessible to all. The SkinScope is a specialised skin magnifier lens enabling highly-magnified and detailed skin photography through a smartphone. Skin cancer doctors are trained in interpreting highly-magnified skin images to help distinguish harmless spots from skin cancer. See the difference!


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TAL Online Skin Doctor Consultation Package: Firstcheck Skin App Doctor Consultation + Firstcheck SkinScope

NZD $49.90 NZD $44.90

Firstcheck Skin Check Package


Normal Price: AU$49.95
Your Package includes a Firstcheck SkinScope™ and your first in-app consultation with a skin cancer expert. It’s all you need to consult a skin cancer doctor via the Firstcheck App.
Helping you with your regular skin checks and helping you and your loved ones stay skin-safe all year round.
Your in-app coupon code will come to you by email via an order confirmation email. For subsequent consultations, you can also use the code TALSKN in the Firstcheck App to access discounted consultations.
Terms and Conditions: This offer is available in Australia only. Price includes GST and delivery. Offer expiry date is 30 April 2020. Firstcheck website and app terms and conditions apply.
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