What is Firstcheck?


Put simply, it’s Skin Specialists at your fingertips.

Firstcheck lets you consult a local skin specialist about a skin concern from the comfort of your home. No appointments, no waiting lists, just specialist advice the first time. Just download the Firstcheck app and be guided step-by-step through the process.

Firstcheck also enables you to create your own skin health records and track any changes over time.

Our vision is to harness the power of technology and put it in your hands to improve health outcomes for all.

What sorts of things can I have checked?

Anything that concerns you – whether that be a mole, a spot, a rash, or a skin, hair or nail issue.

Dermatologists are qualified to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases of the skin, hair, nails, oral cavity (mouth) and genitals.

Where can I find the Firstcheck app?

The app can be downloaded by searching “Firstcheck Skin” in the app store – or by clicking on these buttons:

How much does it cost?

The app is free to download, free to use for ‘DIY mole mapping’ – and reviews by skin specialists start from only $19.95 a consultation.

Does one case mean 3 photos of one spot - or 3 photos of different spots sent at one time?

You can submit a mole for review and the app will prompt you to take 3 photos of it, from different distances. The 3rd photo can be taken using the Firstcheck SkinScope™ (for a high-quality, highly-magnified image). You can buy yours here on our website or from the menu within the app.

Your chosen skin specialist will then reply back to you via your app. That’s one ‘case’ and will cost you from $19.95.

You can send in multiple cases to your specialist. Each one will be a separate case however. There are options to buy discounted multiple cases on the website (see here for more details).

It’s just my smartphone - will it be able to take good enough photos?

Sure will. The UK Quality Standards for Teledermatology say that smartphones are acceptable for use in this way and consider some entry-level cameras are suitable for use by “non-expert photographers” for the purposes of teledermatology.

You can also choose to take highly-magnified photos of your area of skin concern using a Firstcheck SkinScope™ (ideal for moles and lesions). The Firstcheck SkinScope™ enables you to take high-quality 20x magnified dermoscopic photos (but it is not necessary for an initial assessment).

Head over to our SkinScope™ page to find out more or to buy one today.

Is it a person (or some kind of computer algorithm) that’s checking my case?

It’s definitely a person! And a well-qualified one at that. Firstcheck reviews are conducted by registered dermatologists and skin specialists. You get the peace of mind of a specialist opinion from the comfort of your home. You can choose your local registered skin specialist, who has a genuine interest in your skin health.

Can’t I just Google it?

Research indicates about 80% of internet users do search online for medical information about their symptoms and concerns. Unfortunately, this often results in misinformation and certainly isn’t tailored to the individual ‘patient’. Aside from being time-consuming and high risk, “Dr Google” rarely results in peace of mind.

Firstcheck gives you access to an expert opinion, tailored to your specific concern, within 72 hours.

Do I need to visit a doctor?

Firstcheck isn’t a substitute for a face-to-face visit to your doctor or dermatologist. That will always be the ‘gold standard’ of health care.

Firstcheck will give you an expert opinion on your specific concern based on the images and information you supply. In some cases, you’ll be reassured that no further action will be required. In some cases, you might need to pop in to your local chemist to pick-up an over the counter cream or medicine. And in some cases, your specialist will recommend a follow-up in-person appointment. Whatever the case, this will be clearly communicated to you in terms you can understand.

How do I pay?

You simply pay via PayPal or credit card. Just follow the steps in the app.

You can also pay with your coupon code if you wish. Contact us for more information about that.

What is the SkinScope?

Your smartphone photos are a great source of information about skin concerns – and many clinicians rely on smartphones for clinical photography. The Firstcheck SkinScope™ (skin magnifier) also enables you to capture high quality, highly-magnified skin photos with 20x magnification (dermoscopic photos). Skin specialists are trained in interpreting highly-magnified skin images which provide further clues to a well-trained eye.

Dermatologists can afford expensive clinical magnifiers called a dermatoscope or dermoscope. The Firstcheck SkinScope™ is Firstcheck’s more affordable answer to expensive dermoscopes – enabling more people to have access to these sorts of powerful tools.

Firstcheck wants to put the power of technology into your hands – not just those of doctors – to empower you to take control of your skin health and your health outcomes.

How do I use the Firstcheck SkinScope?

When prompted in the Firstcheck app, you simply:

  • Attach the Firstcheck SkinScope™ over the camera lens on your device.
  • Once attached, rest the Firstcheck SkinScope™ directly down on to your skin (pressed to your skin the image is optimally focussed and “camera shake” is avoided).
  • Simply take the photo on your device as per normal – it’s as simple as that!

For best results, apply a small amount of fluid (e.g. oil, water or hand sanitiser) to the area you’re going to photograph.

The best oils to use are light vegetable or cooking oils (like rice bran oil) and transparent baby oils. The lighter and more transparent the oil, the better the image quality. Water and hand sanitiser are also great choices. You should make your choice based on what is most appropriate for your skin. For example, while any of the above will be fine applied to a mole, if your area of concern is a rash, you may be wise to choose water, so as not to irritate the skin. Avoid putting anything on your skin concern that could irritate it.

Then simply press the Firstcheck SkinScope™ onto the skin, removing any air bubbles in the fluid, and take the photo as prompted by the app.

You can also watch a video of the SkinScope™ in action on our How it Works page.

What happens if I send you a poor quality image?

Your chosen skin specialist will always give you their best advice based on the images and information you supply. Please take the best possible photo, so your doctor can give you the best possible advice.

If in doubt, try retaking the photo(s) and ensure the photos are in focus. A useful trick is to tap on your smartphone screen to focus on mole/spot). Also using your Firstcheck SkinScope™ adds to the information your doctor receives.

What is a dermatologist?

Dermatologists are specialist medical doctors that have undertaken advanced training. Dermatologists are recognised experts in skin health.

What is a GP Skin Cancer Doctor?

GP Skin Cancer Doctors are medical doctors that have undertaken further training in skin cancer medicine and dermoscopy. Many of the Firstcheck GP Skin Cancer Doctors are accredited by the renowned Skin Cancer College Australasia. You can read about the doctor’s further training, extra qualifications and areas of speciality in their Firstcheck in-app profile and online.

We would like to arrange to provide our employees / members to use Firstcheck. What options are there?

Firstcheck can provide discount bulk coupon codes if you wish. Please contact us and we will create a package to suit your requirements.

Can I submit a consultation for my child?

Yes, you can submit a case on behalf of your child – with their consent.

Have a question we haven’t answered? Send us a support request via our help page and we’ll be back in touch.