smartphone skin cancer checks

Now, smartphone skin cancer checks are a thing! Check out this article in the latest issue of the New Zealand Listener looking at simple low-cost smartphone attachments making smartphone skin cancer checks a reality. Your at-home smartphone skin cancer checks are just...

Skin cancer apps

Thinking of entrusting A.I. apps to accurately detect skin cancer? Think again… The Spring 2020 of the DermSoc Newsletter (supported by the British Association of Dermatologists) summarises the current evidence as follows: “Evidence suggests that current...

Cancerous Moles

Moles – we all have ’em. Luckily we don’t all have cancerous moles! Having moles isn’t the problem, as it is relative rare that an existing mole becomes a cancerous mole. A melanoma is much more likely to appear as a new mole or spot (not come...

dyplens™ for better skin checks from your phone

Get your moles and spots checked online by an expert skin Doctor using the dyplens™  for increased accuracy.

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