The latest issue of the New Zealand Listener Magazine looks at skin cancer in New Zealand and the Firstcheck skin cancer app as a new tool helping in the battle against melanoma and skin cancer:

There’s an app for that mole – smartphones are a popular tool in the battle against skin cancer


“Firstcheck provides the first New Zealand-developed smartphone app to help detect skin cancer, particularly its most serious form, melanoma”


“People can use the app to take a photograph of a mole and send it to a skin specialist for a risk assessment”


“Each consultation costs $19.95 and the results are available within 72 hours. [Firstcheck] also sells a $29.95 smartphone lens attachment to magnify the image – a version of the dermoscopes doctors use to help diagnose skin cancer.”


“Given the general reluctance to seek medical advice about suspicious moles, its not surprising that smartphone apps to detect skin cancer are a growth industry. They’re cheap, relatively easy to use, and don’t require a doctor’s appointment.”


Excerpts are from New Zealand Listener, May 28th 2018. 

You can read the full story over in the New Zealand Listener here, on page 32: 


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