New Zealand’s high skin cancer rates mean that local employers are adding a new high-tech solution to their health and safety approach this summer. Firstcheck is partnering with businesses to make it even easier to enhance their health and safety provisions – and set themselves apart as a caring, ’employer of choice’.

Southern Water Engineering's Mike Cooper, out on site with a clientOne such example is Marlborough company, Southern Water Engineering (SWE). SWE have a simple but powerful health and safety motto – “everyone home safe, every day”. So when they heard about Firstcheck’s new skin check app, Managing Director, Stephen Leitch said it was a “no brainer” for them to offer it to all their staff.

SWE have bought a Firstcheck SkinScope and coupon code for every one of their staff – so all of their team can now submit moles for review by a New Zealand skin specialist.

Mr Leitch explains “Sometimes you develop new moles, or moles change in between the annual checks SWE offers. Firstcheck offers us a simple way to become more proactive about getting these concerns checked. We want to get away from the traditional Kiwi ‘she’ll be right attitude’ to health” says Mr Leitch.

NZSA message to members re Firstcheck skin checks

Other caring employers have been quick to follow suit. The New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists (NZSA) in Wellington have offered access to the Firstcheck app and SkinScope at a reduced price to all their members nationwide.

Firstcheck’s co-founder Hayden Laird says “It is great to see forward-thinking organisations like SWE and the NZSA taking such a proactive role in promoting the good health of their employees and members. It’s a great way for them to remind their people of the importance of skin checks and point them to the tools that make it now so easy – and increase their access to skin specialists as and when a worry crops up”.

SWE already holds ACC secondary accreditation for workplace health and safety, and will shortly reach tertiary accreditation status (the highest accreditation currently possible for Health and Safety in New Zealand). “As a responsible employer we genuinely want to make it as easy as possible for our team to stay well, and go home to their families each night. Using Firstcheck means they can send in a couple of pictures and some information via their smartphone or tablet, and hear back from a skin specialist (within 72 hours). It’s technology making our lives better. Why wouldn’t we want this for our employees?” says Mr Leitch.

Dr Mark Foley, from Marlborough’s ‘The Skin Clinic’, says this is a cost-effective way for employers to complement their workers’ annual full body skin check and to take a more proactive role in Health and Safety. “Those who notice a new or changing mole can rapidly have this assessed. The dermoscopic images provided with the Firstcheck SkinScope provide important clues not visible with ordinary photos, greatly improving diagnostic accuracy. The earlier a melanoma is detected, the better the likelihood of a good outcome for the patient. Early detection can literally save lives.”

Firstcheck is offering businesses a meaningful, yet impressively simple way to help take care of employees’ health. For caring employers and those concerned with beefing up their health and safety provisions, this is a welcome option.

Mr Laird adds “together we can improve skin cancer outcomes for New Zealanders and Australians through the use of technology and by improving access to the expertise of our skin specialists. What better way to use your smartphone or tablet, than to help save your life – or those of your employees?”

Firstcheck NZ skin cancer and melanoma detection and diagnosis app

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